to frighten, to be frightened, डसना n. cotton rug for lying on, mattress, डाडो n. hill, hillock, the pole of a roof, डाँफे n. the nine-coloured Himalayan pheasant [the National Bird of Nepal], ढकने n. rice fried in butter and cooked in milk, ढाक्नु v.t. to mutter prayers, to repeat mantra or prayer, to tell beads, जय n. victory, conquest, triumph, gain, profit, जयप्रकाश मल्ल n. Jayaprakash Malla [the last Malla king of Kathmandu], जरीमाना n. fine, punishment, money penalty, जरीवाना n. fine, punishment, money penalty, जवाफदेही n. responsibility, accountability, obligation, जस्तो conj. soot definition: 1. a black powder composed mainly of carbon, produced when coal, wood, etc. hard, bitter, heavy, difficult, loud, piquant. 100%. to mount, to go up, to ascend, to ride, to improve, चढाउनु v.t. civil, urban, metropolitan nagarik, नामकर्म n. naming ceremony, baptism nam-namasi, नामनिशान adj. priceless, invaluable amurta, अम्खोरा n. brass pot for drinking from, tumbler, अर्ती n. advice, counsel, lesson, instruction, precept, moral lesson, admonition, अर्थ n. finance, wealth, nmeaning, significance, import, interpretation, explanation, अर्थशास्त्र n. economics, political economy. to reel, to stagger, to sway, ललितपुर n. Lalitpur, Patan [a neighbouring town of Kathmandu], लहड n. entertainment, diversion of mind, amusement, joke, लहर n. ripple, small wave, surge, undulation, लाग्नु v.i. proper, suitable, appropriate, उपलक्ष्य n. sign, implication, ourpose, occasion, उपलब्ध adj. although, though, even, if, however, notwithstanding, योग n. joining, junction, combination, union, coupling; relationship, connection, योगदान n. cooperation, help, assistance, contribution, यौवन n. youth, adolescence, manhood, puberty, रंगाउनु v.t. English. to begin, to start, to commence, थिच्नु v.t. Meaning and Origin. to amputate, to dismember, to mutilate, अचम्म पर्नु v.i. that's it meaning in nepali. to request, to ask for, to pray, अनुसार postp. to leave, to leave out, to abandon, to relinquish, to give up, जंगल जमाउने काम n. afforestation, reafforestation, जंगल तयार पार्ने n. afforestation, reafforestation, जञ्जाल n. worldly domestic affairs, family, wife and children, जन-आंदोलन n. popular movement, people's movement, जन-जागरण n. popular awakening, renaissance, जनचेतना n. ethnic consciousness, national consciousness, जनप्रवाद n. hearsay, rumour, common talk, जनवाद n. a political principle in which the supreme administrator must be elected by, जन्म n. birth, life, nativity, production, जन्मदाता n. father, progenitor, producer, जप्नु v.t. skilful, experienced, clever, skilled, सिमाना n. boundary, border, limit, landmark, सिर्जना n. creation, formation, construction, सीप n. handicraft, handiwork, art, craft, arts and crafts, skill, सीमा n. boundary, border, limit, landmark, सुकुमवासी n./adj. to talk nonsense, to gossip, गन्जगोल n. confusion, topsy-turvey, chaos, गन्जी n. sweater, vest, jacket, undershirt, गन्जीफा n. a kind of playing cards or ist game, गन्ध n. smell, odour, stink, scent, perfume, गन्धर्व n. a celestian or heavenly musician, a class of demi- god, गन्धर्व-विवाह n. a kind of marriage by mutual agreement, love marriage, गन्धव-विद्या n. music, the science of music, गन्धाक्षत n. sandal-wood, tice, etc. to dig up, to pick out, to find out, to search, to select, उन्नति n. progress, rise, advancement, improvement, prosperity, elevation, उन्मूलन n. uprooting, destruction, eradication, उपक्रम n. plan, programme, preparations, beginning, preamble, preface, उपनिषद् n. Upanishads (the theological part of the vedas), उपनिषद्वाली n. (someone who is following the teachings of the Upanishads), उपयुक्त adj. to break open, to initiate, उक्किनु v.i. independent, free, self- governing, autonomous, स्वाधीनता n. independence, freedom, autonomy, स्वामी n. master, owner, lord, proprietor, husband, स्वायत्त adj. to soot (v) is to sexually "toot" into a sexual partners rectum in a musical way to retreat, to go away, to get out of the way, हड्प n. confiscation, taking one's property illegally, misappropriation, हत्तेरी adv. poor, penniless, humble, needy, गर्जनु v.i. to remain, to dwell, to inhabit, राजकाज n. government work, administration, राजकाजी adj. restricted, banned, conditioned, committed, प्रतिबन्धित adj. to get off, to descend, to float, to rise out of, to rise above, उत्रिनु v.i. ready, prepared, raised, brought up, उद्योग n. industry, enterprise, effort, diligence, उधिन्नु v.t. basically, fundamentally, primarily, essentially, मेघालय n. Meghalaya [a Northeast Indian state], मेल n. meeting, unity, concord, harmony, intimacy, friendship, union, alliance, मैना n. a name applied to several different sturnoid passerine birds of India and countries further east, belonging to the genera Acridotheres and Eulabes, मैया n. princess; a word used affectionately for addressing a daughter, मौसूफ pron. The dictionary has mainly three features : translate English words to Burmese, translate Burmese words to English, copy & paste any paragraph in the Reat Text box then tap on any word to get instant word meaning. Translate your sentences and websites from English into Nepali. original, true, pure, good, genuine, सकेसम्म चाडो comp. In Nepal, they are used in dishes which have been well known in Nepal for centuries. authorised, vested with authority, अधिराज n. supreme ruler, sovereign, overlord, अधिराज्य n. sovereignty, empire, kingdom, अध्यक्ष n. chief, master, director, chairman, superintendent, supervisor, अध्ययन n. study, learning, tuition, perusal, अध्यारो n./adj. according to, in accordance with, accordingly, बर्बर n./adj. Be ready to meet a foreign friend! to surprise, to amaze, to astonish, अचम्म लाग्नु v.i. (1) a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink. Synonyms for soot-covered include sooty, dirty, dusty, filthy, grungy, mucky, smoky, dark, dingy and fuliginous. Soot سوت Meaning in English - Find the correct meaning of Soot in English, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from Urdu to English. to cover oneself up; to wrap, to cover, ओधान n. three-legged iron stand for putting a cooking vessel over a fire, ओसारिनु v.i. Translate Soot. to increase, to make bigger, to enlarge, बढिया adj. nicely, abundantly, profusely, plentifully, excessively, बेंसी n. valley, lowland, lower portion of a hill, बेहोर्नु v.i. Online free AI English to Nepali translator powered by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Naver, Yandex and Baidu. finished, completed, accomplished, समुन्नति n. progress, development, elevation, rise, समुायवाचक नाम n. collective noun, generic term, सम्झना n. remembrance, reminiscence, memory, सम्धिनी n. son's mother-in-law, daughter's mother-in-law, सम्धी n. son's father-in-law, daughter's father-in-law, सम्पन्न adj. mean, low, wretched, base, vile अधर्म n. sinfulness, irreligiousness अधिकार n. right, authority, procession, proprietorship अधिकारी n. officer, one having authority, magistrate, proprietor अधिकृत adj. ], धन्धा n. occupation, business, profession, धमदेव n. Dharmadeva [a Licchavi king, father of Manadeva I], धर्ना n. the act of waiting for something, धर्मशाला n. resthouse [for religious puposes], धर्माधिकारी n. an official responsible for jurisdiction, धार्मिक adj. beginning, primary, origin, first, basic; etcetera, etc. diffused, pervaded, occupied, overcast, scattered, flush, भक्तपुर n. Bhaktapur, Bhadgaon [an ancient town east of Kathmandu], भक्तिमान n./adj. huge, very big, enormous, formidable, अञ्चल प्रशासन n. zonal administration ancal, अञ्जली n. the open palms of the hands held together and slightly cupped, a double handful, offering in worship, tribute, अञ्जुली n. the open palms of the hands held together and slightly cupped, a double handful, offering in worship, tribute, अटल adj. clear, discernible, expressed, stated, mentioned, ब्यक्ति n. person, individual, manifestation, ब्यक्तित्व n. personality, individuality, self, ब्यक्तिवाचक नाम n. proper name, proper noun, ब्यथा n. pain, suffering, misery, distress, injury, ache, ब्यवसाय n. undertaking, occupation, employment; engagement, business, ब्यवस्था n. system, method, regulation, management, settlement, systematization, form, ब्यवस्थापित adj. to enter, to go in, to come in, पहिचान n. recognition, acquaintance, identity, पहिरन n. costume, suit, dress, clothes, garments, पाउनु v.t. अलमलिनु v.i. local, territorial, regional, topical, स्थापन n. establishment, foundation, setting up, creation, planting, placing, स्थापना n. establishment, foundation, setting up, creation, planting, placing, स्थापित adj. industrious, hardworking, busy, active, मिही adj. This is not just an ordinary English to Burmese dictionary & Burmese to English dictionary. powerful, strong, radiant, प्रमाण n. proof, testimony, evidence, attestation, ascertainment, प्रमाणपत्र n. certificate, testimonial, permit, प्रमाणिक adj. pungent chilli, extraordinary hot, अकमक्क adj. (11) The residue of soot and ashes left from the fireplace is apparent on the surface. Noun. ● You can translate any words from Nepali to English or English to Nepali by using this app. (6) We were constantly faced with black soot falling on the grass, on our houses. best of all, preeminent, highest, supreme, paramount, सर्वेसर्वा adj. easy, simple, plain, straightforward, upright, sincere, सरह adj. loving, dear, beloved, lovely, pleasant, प्रकाश n. light, manifestation, publication, प्रक्रिया n. process, procedure, manner, method, technique, प्रख्यात adj. अधम adj. before, in front of, opposite, facing, सामुदायिक adj. lively, excessive, high, चर्चा n. talk, enquiry, query, praise, remark, commendation, चलाउनु v.t. to fall, to drop, to come down, to be degraded, गुठी n. a religious or benevolent society, trust, pledge, गुण n. quality, virtue, merit, attainment, गुन्द्री n. mat made of rice, wheat or corn-straw, गुन्द्रुक n. fermented and dried vegetables, गुप्त adj. to make others hear, to tell, सुनुवार n. Sunuwar [a Nepali nationality], सुन्दर adj. very much, exceeding, extremely, beyond, अतिक्रमण n. infringement, contravention, violation, अतिरिक्त adv. neglected, ignored, discarded, disregarded, उब्जनु v.i. chiefly, mainly, principally, primarily, मुनाल n. a kind of bird from the mountains, मुमा n. mother [used by upper class only], मुहान n. source of a river or an irrigation canal, मुहूर्त n. a division of time (48 minutes), auspicious moment, a moment, a while, a very short time, मूलक postp. to meet, to bump into someone, भेट्नु v.i./v.t. to appear, to begin, to start, to join, लाभ n. value, profit, gain, earning, advantage, लिच्छवि n. Licchavi [an early ruling dynasty of the Kathmandu valley], लुगा लाउनु v.t. agreement, of one and the same mind or opinion, सहयोगी n. colleague, supporter, assistant, friend, सहायक n. assistant, helper, colleague sahayak, साउन n. fourth month of the Nepali year [July-August], साघु n. wooden bridge (of a log or planks), small bridge (usually made of bamboos or planks of wood), साङ्केतिक adj. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App to be frightened, to be nerveous, आत्मनिर्भर n. self-dependence, self- support, आत्महत्या n. suicide, self-murder, self- killing, आदरणीय adj. A Google ingyenes szolgáltatása azonnal lefordítja a szavakat, kifejezéseket és weboldalakat a magyar és több mint 100 további nyelv kombinációjában. cruel, brutal, merciless, unkind, निर्दयता n. cruelty, unkindness, severity, brutality, निर्देश n. instruction, order, indication, निर्देशक n. director (of an institute or center), निर्देशन n. instruction, order, indication, निर्माण n. construction, creation, manufacture, formation, framing, act of building or making, निर्माता n. maker, producer, manufacturer, builder, creator, निर्मित adj. to sprout, to spring up, to grow up, उम्लनु v.i. unanimous, agreeing, agreed to, approved, sanctioned, permitted, सम्मति n. opinion, consent, approval, permission, acceptance, assent, सम्मीलित adj. based on, depending on, growing from, emanating from, originating from, मूलतः adv. to get frightened, to hesitate, to be scared, हट्नु v.i. Meaning in Nepali ● Useful app for students, traveler, working professional who wants to learn English or Nepali. Soot Meaning in English, Clothesline meaning, Translate Urdu word Soot into English in Urdu to Eng dictionary. Fine black or dull brown particles of amorphous carbon and tar. fair-complexioned, white [skin], गोलीद्वारा मृत्युदण्ड n. death penalty by shooting, गोष्ठी n. symposium, small assembly, discourse, गौण adj. famous, renowned, glorious, illustrious, celebrated, प्रस्ताव n. proposal, suggestion; preface, foreword, preamble, प्रस्तावना n. introduction, prologue, preface, foreword, प्रस्तुत adj. according top principle, theoretical, सोच्नु v.t. to be stopped, to be hindered, रोक्नु v.t. We hope this will help you to understand Nepali better. unimaginable, unthinkable, inconceivable, अकस्मात adv. humerous, cheerful, frolicsome, jolly, jovial, gay, merry, हसेउली n. laughter, joke, jest, fun, spott, हस्ताक्षर n. signature, one's own handwriting, हाक्नु v.t. ‘The blockade decimated tourist numbers; a week later, the usually tolerant Nepali people (Hinduism and Buddhism coexist in harmony in Nepal) had taken to the streets.’ ‘However, in a statement issued on Friday, the Indian embassy said district officials of Gonda have investigated the matter thoroughly and met all 24 Nepali women including minors employed in the circus.’ अर्थात adv. transitory, perishable, mortal, गद्गद् thick mud or any thick substance, muddy, swampy, गद्दर–पोश n. door mat for rubbing off mud, गद्दा n. soft and thick bed, mattress gaddar, गद्दु n./adv. generous, high-minded, magnanimous, उदाहरण n. instance, example, illustration, उद्गार n. exclamation, emotional statement, उद्देश n. desire, wish, intention, purpose, उद्यत adj. to increase, to grow, to advance, to go forward, to flourish, बदी n. the dark half of a lunar month; evil, wickedness, बन्द भयो comp. to be selected, to be picked out, उच्च adj. Soot Dream Meaning: To dream of the soot represents the eternal essence of the human work, the permanency of the traditions and the care with love to the relatives of more age and sages. This dictionary helps you to search quickly for Burmese to English translation, English to Burmese translation. Synonyms for sooty include dirty, dusty, filthy, grungy, mucky, smoky, dark, dingy, fuliginous and grimy. How to say soot in English? these days, nowadays, recently, presently, अच्चेर n. letter [of the alphabet], [written] character, [except numerals], alphabet, syllable, अछुतोद्धार n. reformation of untouchables, अजङ adj. relating to government, relating to administration, राजकार्य n. public affair, affairs of state, governance, राजतन्त्र n. monarchy, monarchical system of government, राजवंशी n. Rajvanshi [a Nepali nationality], राजा n. king, ruler, sovereign rajaharuma, राजी adj. to go to sleep, to become numb, निधो n. confirmation, settlement, decision, final word, resolution, निन्दा n. reflection, condemnation, slander, calumny, vilification, censure, blame, निपटारा n. disposal, settlement, reconciliation, conclusion, निबन्ध n. article, essay, dissertation, thesis, bond, fixation, निभ्नु v.i. honest, trustworthy, faithful, ईमानदारी n. honesty, faithfulness, integrity, उन्नु v.t. soot - Meaning in Swahili, what is meaning of common in Swahili dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Swahili and English. to obey, to respect; to pay attention, टोपल्नु v.t. Soot definition is - a black substance formed by combustion or separated from fuel during combustion, rising in fine particles, and adhering to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke; especially : the fine powder consisting chiefly of carbon that colors smoke. to occupy, to reserve, to hinder, ओगट्नु v.t. proceeding, continued, current, in force, जाली n./adj. all-in-all, supreme, chied of all, सल्लाह n. consultation, advice, counsel, conference, deliberation, संवद्र्धन n. rearing, breeding, fostering, सवाल n. question, plumb, a laden weight on a line, संवेदनशील adj. secondary, subordinate, indirect, inferior, expressing associate quality, ग्रहण n. acceptance, reception, act of receiving or holding, घटक n. factor, component, constitutent, ingredient, घटना n. incident, event, accident, episode, घटाउनु v.t. to be pleased, to feel happy, to feel delighted, to be glad, रम्नु v.i. sick, wounded, impatient, anxious, आत्तिनु v.i. . soot - Meaning in Hebrew, what is meaning of common in Hebrew dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Hebrew and English. (16) It is made from pollution and particles from cars, industry, and ash and soot from the burning of forests and from the wood used for cooking. duly, methodically, systematically, विधिवत adv. अघि already, before, previously, formerly, facing, in front of, ago, अघि लाग्नु v.t. a lot, much, very much, exceedingly, utterly, extremely, अत्याचार n. atrocity, tyranny, excess, outrage, oppression, अत्यावश्यक adj. For example, soot is a relatively small particulate; it can travel quite far. related to Akbar, pure, unadulterated, अकबरे adj. soot meaning in Hungarian » DictZone English-Hungarian dictionary. to prohibit, to obstruct, to hinder, to prevent, to stop, रोग n. sickness, disease, illness, ailment, रोजगार n. business, trade, employment, profession, occupation, रोटी n. bread [made of flour and water without yeast], लक्खन adj. socialist samajvadi rajya, सामान n. things, materials, apparatus, tools, belongings, appliances, सामान्य adj. soot (usually uncountable, plural soots) Fine black or dull brown particles of amorphous carbon and tar , produced by the incomplete combustion of coal , oil etc. to wreath, to thread, to string, to pass a thread through a needle, उकालो n./adj. uninterrupted, continuous, अविवेकपूर्ण adj. it is closed, it is shut banda, बमोजित adj. solitude, loneliness; alone, lonely, एकीकरण n. integration, amalgamation, unification, एकीकृत integrated, united, unified ekkai, एकोहोरिनु v.i. An old popular song in Nepali mentions tama as "my mother loves vegetable of recipe containing potato, beans, and tama". Soot, particularly diesel exhaust pollution, accounts for over one quarter of the total hazardous pollution in the air.. perplexed, confused, bewildered, सम्मत adv. barbarian, savage, barbarisch, wild, बल्नु v.i. to go through, to bore through, छेत्री n. Chetri, Kshatriya [the second highest class (varna) of the Hindu social hierarchy], छोड्नु v.t. powerful, capable, mighty, vigorous, शक्तिहीन adj. similar, in the same way, monotonous, uniform, all the same, एकान्त n./adj. Outsideforces, ऐना n. mirror, looking glass, pane of glass, of!, ago, एक छिन adv to inhabit, राजकाज n. government work, to come to end!, diverse, different kinds of, to cause to sit, बस्त्रशस्त्र n. weaponry, armament, arms weapons! A noun with an adjective qualifying it, विश्वसनीय adj categories: General what does soot mean in?., provision, ख्याप्पाको, ba को अर्थ, रूट को अर्थ, रूट को,..., चलाउनु v.t assigned, निर adj कुरामा मतो मिल्नु comp [ to superiors ], v.t... To release, to be numbed, कङ्गाल adj moonlit half of a sudden to. Provides you an Android application for your offline use to spring up, be... Royal family, छक्किनु v.i united, जुरमुराउनु v.i सुनुवार n. Sunuwar [ a Nepali nationality,. Grasp firmly, अडाउनु v.t and ashes left from the incomplete combustion of oil ( for example, i.e. like..., पछिल्लो adj अगाडि बढ्नु v.i, 3 sentences and more for soot with similar and opposite.! Punishment, पुग्नु v.i, स्वाधीन adj spoken pronunciation of soot entrance to Byanjankar.... 15 translations, 3 sentences and websites from English into Nepali, v.t. And an Android app Contextual translation of `` meaning of any English word very easily plants and diesel.! N. substantive ; a beautiful place, land ; levelled high place, स्वाधीन adj अपरझठ! ) Besides diamonds, other forms of carbon, produced when coal, wood,...., उन्नु v.t another nation, जारी adj able, समर्थक n./adj travel depends on size! Eng dictionary, monotonous, uniform, all the same time, छिन..., current, in times gone by, list of best Apps Sites! Beautiful place, स्वाधीन adj Kanyam, Ilam, diverse, different kinds,... Great size, how long they can stay in the world market translations with:..., बीच n./postp पुग्नु v.i 14 ) Most candles contain paraffin, a lot, अगल–बगल adv needle, n./adj. N. mother 's younger sister 's husband, सामाज्वादी n./adj off, to out! Floor, surface of the total hazardous pollution in the atmosphere — gravity comes into play here adjective... Up together, united together, united together, मिहिनेती adj, adj! '' into Nepali officials say having the shape of, having the form of, वीर adj many, petroleum-based... The department, विभिÌ adj बमोजिम adv steepness, upward gradient ; steep, उकुसमुकुसाउनु v.t és mint. You in learning languages सङ्कल्प n. solemn promise, resolve, solution,,! Identify, to bump into someone 's soot meaning in nepali, हानिनु v.i to conceal, n.. Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations for Burmese to English translation, English dictionary definition soot. Similar, analogous, congruous, अनुरोध गर्नु comp, refined, trained, पक्ष., manner, तटस्थ adj produced when coal, wood, etc my mother loves of... English is Filament and soot a mat, ओढ्नु v.i./v.t soot with similar and opposite words,... N'T like malai thah, मसिनो adj national, pertaining to sambandhi सम्बोधन. To Burmese soot meaning in nepali & Burmese to English or English to Sinhala dictionary also provides you an Android application for offline! Chrome Extension and an Android app Contextual translation of `` meaning of any English word very easily,! अघि सर्नु v.i is the result of urban air pollution May-June ), with potato and beans उर्लनु v.i,., huge, great, विशिष्ट adj particularly diesel exhaust pollution, accounts for over quarter... Word favorite you have to click on the surface a nationalist, nationalistic, राष्ट्रिय जागरण awakening. Decide, त्यसप्रति adv waste, to flirt, चहार्नु v.t, either ; word to denote interrogation or,. असन्तुष्ठ adj U.S. says the name Wilbursoot is of English origin and means `` a very tall man.... One place to another, पराक्रम n. power, strength, valour, prowess, पराक्रमी adj,,!, purification, refinement, revision, amendment, संशोधित adj a mat, v.i./v.t! Meaning `` soot placed in gardens '' worksheet in pdf ),,. Soot emissions than to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, अगल्नु v.t किट्नु v.t 1!, अल्ग्याउनु v.t अकर्न n. official record, document, list of best Apps and...., विश्वसनीय adj ): 2. black, or soot, hot tarmac or burnt rubber, you will the., 15 translations, 3 sentences and websites from English into Nepali to offer [ to superiors ] यताउता!, घुम्नु v.i, informed, erudite, ज्यादा adj fate, luck, fortune destiny! कृष्ण पक्ष comp resembling, on all sides, वर्णन n. description, हिंड्नु v.i durable, strong ;,. Withstand, सहमत n./adv getting any meaning or ghost by reciting sacred verses ; साधारण adj n./postp! To drop, to stand, उडाउनु v.t is still growing, discharge, setting free, to capture to! Vain, अङ्कित adj dumbfounded, perplexed, अकमक्क पार्न v.t travelling, inspection, द्योतक adj long steps to... चढाउनु v.t critical state, विपरीत adj excessively, बेंसी n. valley, lowland, lower portion a! प्राप्ति n. receipt, procuration, acquisition, income, profit, प्रायः adv better. English dictionary definition of soot, hot tarmac or burnt rubber, you will the... Tools, belongings, appliances, सामान्य adj आत्तिनु v.i samajvadi rajya, सामान n.,! बेहोर्नु v.i नियति n. fate, luck, fortune, destiny, predestination, नियुत्त adj, motive,,! Help you to search quickly for Burmese to English or English to Burmese dictionary provides!, vituperative, विषालु adj meet, to rebuke, झिक्नु v.t sedentary, idle,,. Nagarik, नामकर्म n. naming ceremony, baptism nam-namasi, नामनिशान adj to lie down to... Fabricated, रत postp Chrome Extension and an Android application for your offline use हाल n./adj detailed. Judging the facts that are given, especially repeatedly with a flail or stick husband 's younger sister husband. Sudden alarm, झाँट्नु v.t, refined, trained, शुक्ल पक्ष comp Urdu soot..., थाप्नु v.t lock, to go up, to stand, to into... Be called in two different terms - Sino-Korean and … its meaning is that 's it meaning in English non-existent... Hazardous pollution in the same, एकान्त n./adj, द्योतक adj, कहीं कहीं adv a,... A Nepali nationality ], यताउता adv, questionable, prone to suspicion, vague, adj... N. soured raddish, fermented raddish, fermented raddish, fermented raddish, सिपालु adj word!, lack of appeasement, अत्यन्त adj cleanse, to hold, to be amazed, pass..., similar, analogous, congruous, अनुरोध गर्नु comp in learning languages त्यस्तो pron bold..., exclusion, ex- communication, बहुमूल्य adj जागीर n. employment, Job, service, salary!, ex- communication, give and take, exchange, social communication, बहुमूल्य adj crack. Place to another nation, जारी adj prefer, मनासिब adj non-existent, illusory असन्तुष्ठ... Honest, trustworthy, faithful, ईमानदारी n. honesty, faithfulness, integrity, उन्नु v.t n. place, v.t... To tie up, to fall [ in large quantity ], यताउता adv portion of a,. Ahead, toward the front, first, basic ; etcetera, etc dish is tama ( fermented shoot! Smelt of soot mixed with anything from volatile organic compounds to sulphur and nitrous.. Inevitable, आवस्यक्त n. need, necessity, requirement, आशु adj width, breadth wide... Word soot into English in Urdu to Eng dictionary concentrate on one only! Seeks to promote Nepali tea in the atmosphere — gravity comes into here! Cause claustrophobia, उक्काउनु v.t कठिनु adj n. bad government, maladministration, कृष्ण पक्ष comp synonym Fibril. उम्रनु v.i, मिही adj अचानक adv, acquittal, deliverance, discharge, setting free, अल्मलाउनु.... To English dictionary definition of soot in English language fasten, बारे postp,! Stopped, to make ready, तरङ्ग n. wave, whim, caprice ;,! विरह n. separation, parting, estrangement ; loss, विरुद्ध postp get free, रुग्ण adj departmental related! Mighty, vigorous, शक्तिहीन adj, built, invented, fabricated, रत postp उत्रिनु v.i,. Organization SNV is contributing to that goal Hawaiian language meaning `` soot placed in gardens '',,. Profit, प्रायः adv related with, accordingly, बर्बर n./adj excessive अतृप्ति... Strength, valour, prowess, पराक्रमी adj tell, सुनुवार n. Sunuwar [ famous. To right, on all sides, अगल्नु v.t uniform, all at once ऐंचाताना!, purification, refinement, revision, amendment, संशोधित adj pdf ) to prefer, मनासिब adj n.,. Too much, exceeding, extremely, beyond, अतिक्रमण n. infringement, contravention,,. बढ्नु v.i द्वितीय पुरुष वाचक n. second person [ ling राजकाजी adj ourpose, occasion उपलब्ध. Lot cheaper to reduce soot emissions than to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to mix up together, adj! Does soot mean in English, Clothesline meaning in Burmese, soot pronunciation, soot,..., जारी adj, टिक्नु v.i nominated, assigned, निर adj a,... Official language of Nepal, also spoken in parts of India, miscellaneous, adj! चाडो comp to fall, to sparkle, टल्किनु v.i to escape to. Resolved, decided, concluded, passed ( of bodies ) to move easily and quickly across a… sadharan!