Their attack-or-be-attacked behavior is often just a facade protecting them from being perceived as weak or inept. Due to the immense energy that you have, however, having a productive channel or outlet can help you release your pent-up energy without having it simmer inside you and bubbling to burst out at any point. The Saturn/Jupiter/Moon part in Libra/8th house though. Whenever these two bodies come together, a powerful unionis something you should anticipate. The effect of this aspect varies, as each pair of planets will interact differently with each other. It gives me the impression they are going to be just devoted to each other and almost obsessed with their love for eachother, like the baby is going to be one of those people that talks so very lovingly of their father. The Sun represents your husband or you as a husband. it isnt really bad of an aspect. It was all about his work. The willpower also gets a boost during this transit. The physical stamina will intensify, and you will be more assertive and ready to take the initiative. The moon being the apex of one involving Venus/Neptune and Mars/Jupiter. And his saturn is opposite my sun. Posts: 371 From: Registered: Aug 2012: posted October 06, 2012 12:03 AM . Reuniting With Your Lover, Friend Or Family Member An Effective Approach To Synastry - Abstract But Logical - Video. However, theyre almost always confrontational or ready to attack. I think we level one another off with the composite earth. But they have to find a way to use that courage in the right way because it will make them bold and daring without causing feuds and brawls. so maybe it feels comfortable and familiar but its difficult to get perspective on. Fight myself lol. Seek meaningful outlets, take action, involve yourself in new agendasand do what it takes to restore some peace. While the Sun stands for aspects like energy, life, support, livelihood, authority, willpower, hope and consciousness, Mars is more symbolic of aspects like energy, ambition, passion, drive, sensuality, action and sometimes even anger. En tant que magasinier, votre fonction ? They have to bite their tongues sometimes to save a connection worthy of saving. Our composite Capricorn Ascendant had its ruler in guess where? We have a lot of fated transits and synastries. Posts: 38From: World personRegistered: Aug 2011, Copyright 2012 Chances are, each of you would give a very different answer to the questions, What does this relationship mean to you? and Where are you headed as a couple? Put your heads and your hearts together and come up with a compromise. * Moon and Venus in harmonious aspect to one another in synastry generally indicate compatibility in romantic relationships. ? Ok thanks.Does this aspect bring sexual attraction or sex? Sun conjunct Mars is an alignment of the Sun and the planet Mars, also known as solar conjunction. That can be a blessing, but it can also be a disaster. I'd say the same for Mars conjunct Jupiter, except it is more a focus on what the relationship is creating or putting out, and less of bedroom stuff and more about energy and doing activities (work, hobbies) together. Composite Sun conjunct Jupiter- Fun and games Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel 3.5K views 2 years ago Natal Moon Square Venus- Chronic Dissatisfaction Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel 24K. UPDATE: Composite sun venus and mercury aspecting each other at all in the composite is interpreted as a love stellium, as I found thru an internet search. You should consider whether chart ruler is essentially or accidentally dignified. However, Sun conjunct Mars transit is not limited to arts and sports only. She kept refering to the baby as a "he", and I have a feeling the baby is a boy, and everyone so far has told me they have the same inclination. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! I'm at a point where I cannot let go, there is glue involved. Theres no taking advantage. With Composite Sun sextile or trine the Composite Moon, this gives compatible energy and helps you to get along well. Whenever it squared venus, something always happened to where it just fell apart asap. Generally, when this aspect is involved in a relationship, the people will fight a lot. This aspect can become quite explosive very quickly. You are someone who is fierce in your love and protectionfor the people you care about and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. :) :) :). They are often involved in a passionate war that can have tragic consequences. Posts: 1437 From: Dorsia Registered: Aug 2012: posted October 20, 2012 04:45 PM Do any of you specialize in that department? Any case studies out there with similar aspects would be soooo greatly appreciated. Remember that this excess energy can be channeled constructively. Would you still use transiting aspects and progressions on a composite chart? So we burned to ashes and then slowly started again (as many times before at the beginning). CompositeChart:Mercury-MarsAspects Of course, you should ensure that people do not take advantage of your generosity. You may find that spending a lot of time together gives you more energy and more desire to do and to achieve. Moon venus and chiron all conjunct but in early degrees of taurus and oppose mercury and sun in scorpio. You will fight at all costs to be yourself. This can manifest physically or verbally, causing pain to the people around you. They usually spend much less time talking than doing things, such as outdoor activities or being intimate. Thanks Elsa. To take our time when it comes to the physical department. The Sun conjunct Mars aspect is beneficial yet relatively uncommon, due to the rotation of the planets. CompositeChart:VenusNeptuneAspects I had a boyfriend have their Venus conjunct it and his needs overtook mine. CompositeChart:VenusSaturnAspects Difficult marriage, learning lots about ourselves. Thank you for your insight Can you tell me from this synastry who do you think is more attracted generally? I'd also check out any aspects that are being made to Mars in Taurus. You have a natural charm and a strong spiritthat manifests itself in social and professional situations. Our individual charts have water with air (me) and air with water (him), some fire each and no earth but for the nodes. And venus in the 9th. It is our ego and what, for the most part, dictates our decision-making. I need some more space than these conjunctions. Our Sun and Moon also trine with each other. mercury or the moon afflicted by mars? The chances that Pluto be exactly conjunct a composite ascendant are 1 in 360 so this is not that common. You are dealing with the energy of two powerful planets here and quick temper reactions may occur when these planets clash. The angles planets form with each other at the time of our birth, reveal details about us. For this reason, it can be exhausting for you both to spend all of your time together. They are not romantics nor gentle dreamers. There is undeniable physical chemistry between them. That will mark the relationship of the composite Sun conjunct composite Mars individuals. Posts: 1437From: DorsiaRegistered: Aug 2012, Posts: 267From: The Planet MercuryRegistered: Oct 2010, ------------------Gemini SunLibra MoonGemini MercuryCancer VenusVirgo MarsVirgo Asc, Posts: 860From: Silent HillRegistered: Aug 2011. You may not be able to control your behavior during this time of increased emotional intensity. This information has been a huge blessing to me today. Exciting projects, exciting relationships and exciting contexts can all provide fulfillment, but make sure you learn to find the right channels for your energy and impulses. At the same time, however, it is also quite likely that you might have difficulty fully seeing things through to their end. I think we level one another off with the composite earth. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. Our friendship has not always been very communicative, meaning we dont call each other every day or something. Powered by Infopop 2000 Synastry- Sun Conjunct Mars- Physical Appreciation and Compatibility 32,109 views Aug 17, 2016 695 Dislike Share Save Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel 45.9K subscribers How Sun Conjunct. Yes a trine will definitely be better. Youd do well to try to reinforce one anothers strength, courage, and fighting spirit without directly engaging in ego conflicts. We would bicker quite a bit. Sun Conjunct Juno in Synastry This is a wonderful aspect. We struggle with the intimate parts, but Saturn in the 8th underscores the veritable need to be 100% authentic and vulnerable with each other. Sun/Venus/Mercury thing, now that makes sense with my guy. Posts: 4148From: MiamiRegistered: Aug 2011. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. Sometimes, out of the blue, little things pop up between the two of you that inspire some sort of disagreement. Moon, Mercury,Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto resides here! . He is the provider and I am the home and manager of ithe does all the work in the world and I do all the work in the home, from the finances to the lawn to homeschooling my 3 kids. But I don't know, with the way you describe it, it sounds like some Pluto elements where it is difficult but just too good to give up..but Saturn is always glue. Even though they can be aggressive, impatient, and over-confident, they typically bring intensity and make others feel alive. I always wondered why I was able to become such good friends with my crushes. And there is a lot of chemistry (Mars conjunct Jupiter). The fellow I'm interested in have loads of excellent placements for compatibility (mutual Sun-Venus sextiles, Moons conjunct, Mars-Venus trine, Mercuries sextile, Sun-Jupiter trine, Moon-midheaven trine, Saturn-IC conjunction, Sun-Moon midpoints,Mars-Neptune trine, Pluto-Mars sextile, not to mention we have the same sun and moon signs, and both have water rising . These aspects require our attention because planets represent broad traits that might not align with our characters and lives. Sign up here! Composite sun in 1st in Cap 1deg. Of course, sometimes you might end up fighting and saying unreasonable things to each other, which is why having some space and outlets are important. Opponents often see them as intimidating and agile. If Sun conjunct Mars natives dont channel their energy right, they risk ending up on the wrong side and becoming bullies. In many cases, if you dont have a proper outlet for yourself and if someone provokes you, your anger might turn violent and loud. They have the potential to encourage each other and use the competitive personalities to succeed together. It is almost as if troubles and conflicts excite them. What are your thoughts on it? A Composite shows how a couple presents themselves to the outside world (which could be totally different from how they really are in private). Shared understanding, outlook and desireswhen it comes to your relationship is something that you experience and will continue to as long as you both always know how to settle things amicably. While not exactly enemies, you often pit yourselves against each other as opponents, sparring partners, challengers to each others strength. The composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is a combination brimming with energy. I thought it would be interesting if people who were partnered noted the house of where the Sun falls in the composite chart with their partner, along with a sketch of how it manifests. It is why they are typically sports-oriented and likely to participate in competitions and adrenaline-fueled activities. In our synastry we have intense saturn and nodal contacts. Our Ven/Mars conjunct both ways. You might often be associated with masculine energies, mainly because both the bodies in this aspect are associated with such energies as well. I also really like the Pluto opposing the Sun and Venus. I have exact birth times for only two of my friends. Its love, passion, and a happy world together. 12th house sun conj saturn in Virgo 1st house moon conjunct Venus in Libra ????? It is why these partners will have to control the passion between them, or it could result in conflicts and aggression. CompositeChart:VenusPlutoAspects. Any not-so-obvious thoughts or ideas from you? Make love not war might be your motto. Go for a walk, or make love! Spouse and I have a 4th house Taurus Sun. You enable each other to be assertive, and to feel proud of yourselves and your achievements. The Sun shows where our primary focus will be. Couples and Relationship Forecast reports. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect, due to the immense levels of combined energy and the strong sense of protection, spirit, passion and aggression, can often leave you feeling quite angry and frustrated. What about the "generation(al?)" Venus and Mercury in 3rd. On the other side, Mars is the sexual tension and initiative, which means these planets are never a source of indifferent connections. It can be marvelous or disastrous. Sun conjunct Mars is one of the most important aspects in a natal chart; both planets are similar in that they represent energy. And in the Davison, it falls in the 5th. This is a time when you feel exceptionally bold and brave in pursuing your goals and personal ambitions. As individuals we both need lots of freedom. You are assertive and always clear about what it is that you desirenot only in terms of your professional life but also in your interpersonal relationships, whether these are casual, friendly, familial, romantic or sexual in nature. Employment type. Be careful to not be trigger happy as we all know that Mars always has an aggressive streak and that aggression can be defeated easily if we are careful to monitor it. I did my composite with my husband, and we have venus and mercury conjuncting 4 degrees apart, with the Sun opposing Venus to the exact degree. Mars is the planet that dictates our urges, willpower, and what drives our actions and passions. They have sun, venus and mercury piled on top of eachother! We want to own cats, not kids ? Conjunctions in astrology suggest that two planets or bodies alignthemselves with each other, bringing their energies together and having effects on the expression of your personality traits, your relationships and your thoughts and actions. The powerful Sun has an equally strong friend in the planet Mars. The reason the pairs Moon/Sun and Venus/Mars are number 1 on the list is because these are the two archetypal romantic/marital pairs, as per their mythology and symbolism. Since this is such an impulse and energy-driven aspect, you and your partner can often feel sexually driven in various situations, keeping things fun and interestingfor both of you. Although you will feel capable of everything during the transit, ensure you focus all that energy on something constructive. Even if they meet in a crowded room or a party, they will sense the presence of the other and go toward it. The Sun conjunct Mars combination gives you the ability to take initiative and remain persistent in getting what you want out of life. Hmm. Don't let astrology control you, just remember that he is human and he will make mistakes and so will you. The Sun and Mars are in conjunction or closely aspected in the synastry chart. ST and I had the Sun in our composite 7th house, along with Saturn, Venus and Mercuryall in Leo. In fact, if there is anything at all that you disagree with, you are bound to get up, say your part and prove your point in the way that you know best. Sexually, a Sun in conjunction with Mars in synastry can result in satisfaction, fulfillment and exploration. Conflict may be difficult at times though, so you need to compromise without compromising your beliefs. Therefore, you must try to maintain a calm attitude at all costs otherwise there could be some very explosive situations caused by your touchiness.. Be aware of this fundamental difference between you, and try not to force or impose your will and desire on one another for if you do, totally unnecessary and draining disagreements arise between you on a regular basis. These connections can be magnetic if both natives control their egos. A conjunction occurs when two or more planets in a chart are either traveling through the same sign or they are located within 8-10 degrees of each other. With Composite Sun conjunct the Composite Moon, your masculine and feminine energies can sync up in an easy way, along with your wants and needs. Whatever you do together as a team is infused with a sense of energy and vital purpose, and you can get a lot done. "Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. CompositeChart:SunMoonAspects It is the period to focus on keeping harmony and nurturing tolerance. I am very excited. The key here will be to get to the root of the problem and that is what your relationship means to you *individually*.
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