Silent Disco




How it works: Instead of a loud sound system, each person wears the state of the art 3-channel headphones that have a broadcast range of over 500 yards – that’s 5 football fields in every direction. The 3-channel system allows up to three different artists to play at the same time, at the same venue, and allows the audience to choose who they want to listen to. The 3 channels are differentiated to the user by colored LEDs on the headphones that light up to correspond to colored lights at each artist’s station. Each headphone also has its own volume control for personalized amplification.


1-99 headphones – $7 per headphone. Transmitters included.
100-200 headphones – $6 per headphone. Transmitters included.
DJ – Additional charge of $199 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. Includes Lights.
Light Bar Rental – $100
Minneapolis local pickup