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2021 Summer Festival Camp

The greatest summer camp experience.

Relevant and engaging teaching.
High-energy inspiring worship.
Intentional and immersive environments.
Friends. Food. And SO MUCH FUN.
What more could you want in this summer?

New groups can try it for $200 a person.

Here is our Covid-19 prevention strategy. No deposits, and a zero-hassle cancelation policy. 

In Person – Soical Distance Gear

Parking Lot Drive-In Movies

A full-service drive-in experience including a 40’ diagonal inflatable outdoor movie screen, projector, radio transmitter, and technician. We can even help with licensing a movie. Get everything you need for a magical night at the movies in your parking lot! 

Flexible Cost: $1200 

Backyard Movies

This backyard movie experience is great for 20-30 people in lawn chairs. Includes a 10’ diagonal inflatable outdoor movie screen, projector, a small sound system or individual headphones for each participant. 

Cost: $250 

Laser Tag

Take the battlefield with your students and get your adrenaline pumping. Students try to take out as many of their friends as they can when you turn your church into a Laser Tag Arena.

Cost: $250 

Car Bingo

N45! B3! BINGO! Use our radio antenna and/or DJ speakers to broadcast bingo to cars in your parking lot! We’ll provide everything you need including music, broadcast equipment and a bingo machine. 

Cost: $250 

Online Interactive Social Games

We’ve adapted our game night events to be played completely online over Zoom. We’ll take care of all of the programming and technical aspects. We’ll even help with some pre-written emails and promotions you can send to your students and parents. You can just log on, hang out, and build some digital relationships with your community. The total run time can be 30 mins – 1.5 hours. See the great options bellow:

Starting Cost: $150

We blitz through classic gameshows (Family Feud, Price is Right, 10k Pyramid, Wheel Of Fortune, and  Jeopardy) while highlighting participants as the contestants. 

This online pub-style trivia contest will contain questions based on pop-culture, general knowledge and a few silly twists. Teams of up to eight can compete.

Online Olympics! Students compete at silly at home games to try and win a gold medal for their team! All games that are played with stuff lying around students’ homes. 

An Online Who-dunnit! Participants interact with characters from the classic board game who have come to life to solve a mystery.

Silent Disco Headphone Dance Party

This is one of the most fun events we’ve ever provided. Each person wears a set of state-of-the-art, 3-channel headphones. The headphones allow listeners to select from one of three different DJs, allowing for a wider variety of music options that suit a wider variety of tastes. People love it!

Online Escape Room for Large Groups

A 60-minute online escape room for teams. Up to 100 total people. 

Starting Cost: $150

Crazy Uncle Milton’s Inheritance

You and a group of friends are attending the online reading of the last will and testament of your uncle Lester Milton, legendary game inventor, and eccentric millionaire. As you log-in to the Zoom call, a lawyer informs you that the reading of will begins in one hour; any addendums to the will must be submitted before then. She then sends you to a cryptic website. The final conclusion to the division of his estate will be as odd as the man himself. Can you make sure that you and your friends are going to get a share of Uncle Milton’s fortune?

New Game – Detective Spencers Unclosed Case! Comming November!

Guest Speaker

Tony Ducklow is a youth speaker based out of Minneapolis. Tony can use fun, humor and games to be an online guest speaker at your next digital gathering. Tony has been speaking professionally at retreats, conferences, and camps for the last ten years. Teenagers connect with his down-to-earth, real world approach to faith. He loves sharing about Jesus with young people. He’s got a keen eye for fun, storytelling, and creating life-changing experiences. 

Free Workshops For Youth Leaders

Livestream Solutions

Adding Livestream worship may have recently moved from your church’s “someday list” to top priority.  Since the quarantine started, we’ve helped six churches of various size, tech ability, and denominations get their services online. We can help churches, non-profits, camps, and conferences move to online formats.

Services Include: equipment consulting, ordering of equipment, set-up, calibration, training of staff/volunteers to run a live stream service, website implementation, and phone support for six weeks. Usually, we can get you set up and going in less than two weeks.  Starting Cost: $500

Web Design and Online Donations

Web Design

In 2019, they used to say that your church website was your new front door. In the quarantine of 2020, it may be your only door. A new website will help folks find your church, find your live stream, and communicate what your church is about. Check out our portfolio.

Online Donation Platform

Simple and affordable donation platform. Keeps folks on your website and allows you to digitally collect funds while folks are social distancing. Built on the backend of Stripe, one of the industry’s most trusted online credit processing companies. 

Non-Profit Online Fundraising Events

In need of a replacement fundraiser event? We can help adapt some online programming to help your church or non-profit raise funds. The following programs work great for fundraisers: